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> Message from the President
November 2013

> Experienced Resources Introduces the DMM™

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> Volunteer Opportunity

President & CEO
Mary Christensen
Email: mchristensen@experiencedresources.net
Direct: 952.358.6143
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Damian Martin
Email: dmartin@experiencedresources.net
Direct: 952.358.6147
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Client & Organizational Development

Todd Alexander

Email: talexander@experiencedresources.net
Direct: 952.358.6145
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Talent Acquisition Manager

Jennifer Roettger

Email: jroettger@experiencedresources.net
Direct: 952.358.6146
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Letter from President & CEO

“The change we are facing today is a lot harder than we’ve ever seen”.  Such was the statement made by Dr. Don Berwick during his Thursday morning address at the MHA Annual Meeting in September.
Dr. Berwick’s remarks that morning apply not only to health care leaders such as you but also to those of us who support the health care industry.  As leaders, many of us need to be taking bold leaps if we are to respond effectively to the industry change underway—and to create something better for those we serve. > Read More

Feature Article

Experienced Resources Introduces the DMM™
A Decision Making Tool for Today’s Healthcare Leaders

For years, many health care leaders have relied heavily on their experience and sheer intuition when deciding how best to resource an interim leadership role or special project.  To a large degree, this intuitive approach has served leaders well and the decisions have produced relatively predictable outcomes.   With health care reform causing budgets to be closely scrutinized, health care leaders are increasingly challenged to establish a “business case” when investing in either interim or permanent resources. > Read More

In the Community

Experienced Resources is actively engaged in the health care community. During the past several months we participated in industry events as attendees, facilitators and presenters. > Read More

Serving Our Clients

From clinic and hospital operations to nurse and C-level leaders, we are always in the process of matching our highly accomplished talent pool to the needs of our health care clients. Learn more about the interim leadership roles and projects where our Experienced Resources’ talent are currently engaged. > Read More

Volunteer Opportunity

Global Health Administration Partners (GHAP) is seeking a volunteer with strong Marketing/Communication experience to assist in further development of an overall pro-active marketing strategy for their organization, including social media and website updates.  If you have interest, please contact Cindy Wilke, GHAP Director, at (312) 685-6209 or cindywilke@ghm.org


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