June 11, 2013      

President & CEO
Mary Christensen
Email: mchristensen@experiencedresources.net
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Damian Martin
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Client & Organizational Development

Todd Alexander

Email: talexander@experiencedresources.net
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Talent Acquisition Manager

Jennifer Roettger

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Letter from President & CEO

Judging by our uncertain weather these past several weeks, it’s hard to believe that we’ve actually transitioned from spring to summer.  Yet, with the calendar indicating it is indeed June, many of us are once again firing up our barbecues and gathering with those who matter most. For the Experienced Resources Team, we are incredibly grateful for our growing list of clients who rely on us to help achieve mission critical—and for our talent who are so committed to getting the job done.

Just as spring turns to summer, we recognize that many of you are also experiencing your own form of transformation while navigating the uncertain effects of government sequestration, lower patient volumes, and increased legislation.   Change is in the air and it’s requiring us all to find new ways of doing business and working together.

In this issue of our newsletter, we’re featuring the leading topic from our 2013 Leadership Perspectives on Health Care Survey; Quality Measurement Initiatives (QMI).  Our lead article provides an in-depth view of how one health care leader (Larry Schultz, CEO of Lake Region Health Care Corporation) and his team are approaching QMI in their organization.

At Experienced Resources, we’re undergoing some changes of our own including a new, more visitor-friendly web site.   If you haven’t done so already, I eagerly invite you to check out our new look at experiencedresources.net.  Lastly, in an effort to help explain the growing trend of flexible work arrangements; you may be interested in our article on the FlexGeneration®.

Thank you so much for your continued support of Experienced Resources.   We’ll be attending several upcoming MMGMA and MHA events this summer and our team is looking forward to connecting with you in person!

Best regards,

Mary Christensen
President & CEO
Experienced Resources

Feature Article

Keeping up with Quality

The Experienced Resources 2013 Leadership Perspectives on Health Care Survey identified five priorities that health care leaders expect to face this year. Ninety percent of Minnesota’s health care leaders who participated in the survey placed Quality Measurement Initiatives (QMI) at the top of their priority list.  A recent interview with Lake Region Health Care CEO, Larry Schulz provided an outstanding example of how one regional health care organization is tackling quality. > Read More

What is the FlexGeneration®?   
An Exciting New Era for Employers and Employees

A growing number of professionals are discovering that temporary/flexible work suits them quite well.  These individuals are not just baby boomers nearing retirement but also include leaders in transition and mid-career executives searching for a different and meaningful career path.  The May 2012 issue of the Harvard Business Review dedicated an entire article to this new workforce phenomenon in “The Rise of the Supertemp”.   Daniel H. Pink in his book, Free Agent Nation: The Future of Working for Yourself, also describes what is happening in today’s labor market as a major shift in the definition of employment. > Read More

Serving our Clients:
New Assignments in Progress

From clinic and hospital operations to nurse and C-level leaders, we are always in the process of matching our highly accomplished talent pool to the needs of our health care clients. Learn more about the interim leadership roles and projects where our Experienced Resources’ talent are currently engaged. > Read More

In the Community

Experienced Resources is actively engaged in the health care community. During the past several months we participated in industry events as attendees, facilitators and presenters. > Read More


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