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> Message from the President
Winter 2013

> Feature Article: Stay Tuned for 2013 Survey Results

> A Medical Mission Delivering More than Medicine

> Experienced Resources Addition: Health Care Advisor

> Serving our Clients: New Assignments in Progress

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Message from the President & CEO

Each year Experienced Resources conducts a survey of health care leaders designed to highlight some of the most critical challenges and opportunities faced by health care organizations. We recently conducted our annual Leadership Perspectives on Health Care Survey and are excited to share with you a first look at the results.

The Leadership Perspectives on Health Care Survey features details about our Minnesota health care system and its leaders. On the other hand, Experienced Resources recently worked with Global Health Administration Partners (GHAP) on another exciting health care project. This one took place in Madagascar. Experienced Resources partners with GHAP by helping match skilled leaders to support health care administrations in several developing countries. 

Read more about our survey results and an inspiring volunteer opportunity enjoyed by one of our local health care leaders. > Read More

Feature Article

Stay Tuned for 2013 Survey Results

Once again a year has flown past while the world of health care churned with innovation, excitement and a generous dose of anxiety. We at Experienced Resources are evaluating and preparing to share the results of our annual Leadership Perspectives on Health Care Survey. It’s a survey recognized for shedding light on the successes and concerns of health care leaders throughout the upper Midwest. > Read More

A Medical Mission Delivering More than Medicine

John Carrico knew he would eventually get involved in a medical mission somewhere in the world. It was only a matter of time for the right opportunity to come along. That time came last fall when he accepted an invitation to volunteer his supply chain expertise to a large health care organization in Madagascar.  > Read More

Experienced Resources Addition: 
Health Care Advisor

Experienced Resources is excited to announce the addition of an Health Care Advisor role to our team!  The Engagement Coach role is designed to ensure a positive customer experience and to support our talent to ensure their fulfillment and success in their interim role or project. The major function of this role is to maintain close and regular contact with our talent and act as a trusted advisor poised to offer immediate leadership support at critical moments.  And to ensure Experienced Resources clients are being served and achieving the results we committed.
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Serving our Clients: New Assignments in Progress

From clinic and hospital operations to interim nurse and C-level leadership, we are always in the process of matching our highly accomplished talent pool to the needs of our health care clients. Learn more about the type and level of positions our Experienced Resources’ talent are currently engaged in.   > Read More

In the Community

Experienced Resources is actively engaged in the health care community. During the past several months we participated in industry events as attendees, facilitators and presenters.
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