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Fall Update | October 2009

Experienced Resources to host Roundtable Discussions on Leadership Perspectives on Health Care

In response to requests from health care leaders throughout Minnesota, Experienced Resources is delighted to provide the following upcoming roundtable discussions on Leadership Perspectives on Health Care, 2009:

Minnesota Hospital Association
Tuesday, October 27, 2009
St. Paul, MN

Central Minnesota Clinic Managers Group
Thursday, October 29, 2009
12:00 Noon
St Cloud, MN

West Health Medical Campus
November 18, 2009
Plymouth, MN

Each one-hour roundtable will include a short presentation of the 2009 survey results followed by an opportunity for leaders to discuss, in depth, the results of the survey and how they are relative to their own organization.  Discussion will focus on innovative strategies and tactics that show positive results in combating the challenges and concerns identified in the survey results. 

Click here to view the results of the survey

Leadership On Demand

In their book Leadership on Demand, authors Charles Besondy and Paul Travis describe the need for "additional bandwidth" as a valid reason to consider interim talent. This is sometimes called bench strength and there are times in the life cycle of all organizations, when you may have a need to call on this reserve of expertise. However, this reserve may not always be available. The model described in Leadership on Demand may provide an answer. 

"It is not uncommon to see an important initiative…threatened because your team is fully engaged in day-to-day revenue generating activities.  These situations are ideal for an on-demand leader to step in and lend a hand…".  (Besondy and Travis, page 13)

On demand leaders are experienced, will join your team and become immediately productive.   These executives can fill an interim position or supplement your team who are often busy keeping up with their own projects and responsibilities. Increasingly, executives see the value in temporarily expanding their permanent staff with on-demand executives. 

The utilization of interim executives only when needed is a cost effective strategy that ensures you have the bench strength to meet all of your goals and objectives on a timely basis.   Many health care organizations find themselves short of high-level resources during key times each year – i.e. as payer contracts renew, budget development, planning activities, etc. The flexible nature of on-demand leaders can provide the extra talent necessary to move these projects forward in a timely manner.

In Leadership on Demand, the authors examine this approach in several industries. Although this model is relatively new in health care, it has long been valued in other industries, including manufacturing and retail.  In addition to the characteristics described above, a talent strategy that includes both full time permanent positions as well as interim and short term executives is a combination that offers organizational agility, access to specialized talent and control over hiring and the associated expense of permanent staffing.  

Leadership On Demand; Charles Besondy and Paul Travis, Edited by Theresa Heath, LOD Publishing, 2008.  www.leadership-on-demand.com

Recommended Reading

The October 19, 2009 issue of Modern Healthcare features an article entitled Interim CEOs can be more than Placeholders.  Authored by John Osse, a health care executive with 31 years in rural health care administration, the focus is on Mr. Osse’s transition from a full-time employed senior leader to an interim CEO role.  Osse is blatantly honest in his reporting and appraisal of the challenges and successes inherent in utilizing an interim senior leader. 

We recommend this article to our clients as we believe Mr. Osse describes an experience of utilizing his seasoned skills and experiences to bring added value to his client as does Experienced Resources.  In addition, Experienced Resources employs our unique talent and client matching process to best ensure the best executive for your project and your organization.

Our Project Portfolio

Our extensive pool of Health Care Executives have initiated work including the following projects during the most recent 90 days:

Health care Plan Contracting Strategy
Metro Acute Care Hospital

Vice President of Human Resources
Regional Health Care System

Chief Marketing Officer
Community Hospital & Health Care System

Leadership Team Development
Large Metropolitan Medical Practice

Patient Engagement Strategy/Physician Coaching
Specialty Care Practice

Click here to view our Project Portfolio

In the News

The September, 2009 issue of Minnesota Business magazine includes a feature article on Experienced Resources.   Founders Mary Christensen and Damian Martin are interviewed by Elizabeth Millard in an article entitled TALENT SHOW.  To read the article in its entirety, click here or visit our web-site at www.FlexGeneration.com.

In the Community

Mary Christensen, President, and Susan Basil-King, Vice President of Business Development, were among 260 attendees at the Minnesota Hospital Association (MHA) Annual Conference in Brainerd, MN on September 16 – 18.  Strength through Strategy was the theme of the conference and the opening keynote was presented by economist and futurist Lowell B. Catlett, Ph.D. Dr. Catlett spoke on “Understanding Today’s Economy and Tomorrow’s New Future” focusing on the current state of the economy and changes it holds in store for health care.

Mary Christensen attended the HHRAM Fall Conference in Rochester on August 26 – 28, 2009.  Among the keynote speakers was Greg Paris, CEO of Monroe County Hospital in Albia, IA and a Studer Group Coach.  Paris' topic was "Creating a Culture of Excellence".  Under his leadership, Monroe County Hospital was recognized as the smallest hospital ever to win the Studer Group Fire Starter Award.  During his presentation, Paris focused on the Steps to Employer of Choice, which include 

Build relationships
Recognize what you want repeated
Create a shared purpose
Develop a sense of ownership
Move performance up or out
Hardwire fun into work day

Experienced Resources continues to support women leaders in health care through membership and participation in the Women's Health Leadership Trust.  Attending the annual net-working boat trip in August were Mary Christensen, Edith Swiatek and Susan Basil-King. Susan Basil-King attended the September event Redesigning Healthcare – Responding to New Challenges and Demands.  In October, Mary Christensen, Susan Basil-King and Rebecca Fischer, Sales Executive, will be present at Ensuring a Leadership Legacy.

On August 18, Damian Martin and Mary Christensen participated in the Minnesota Hospital Association PAC Golf event at Woodbury Prestwick golf course.

Founder's Note

Calhoun Square Famous Dave's was the site of a recent celebration in honor of Experienced Resources entering its 5th year in business.  The 20 attendees included health care executives who have worked on assignments from 2005 to the present.  These included Kathrine Hoien, who was our first executive placed and Fern Gershone, our newest executive on assignment.   We feel privileged to offer our executives meaningful and flexible work and our client's access to this unique pool of skilled health care executives. 

The current and continued success of Experienced Resources is attributable to our executives and to our clients.  We look forward to many more years working together. 

Mary Christensen, President and Co-founder
Damian Martin, President and Co-founder

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