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Large Metro Hospital
Joint Commission Survey Preparation Project

Client Challenge

A large Metro Hospital was anticipating a Joint Commission (JC) Survey within the coming months.  The series of internal mock surveys had revealed critical gaps in the Human Resources (HR) Department, risking their accreditation status.   The recent departure of a key HR leader had left that area with minimal resources, none of whom had ever experienced a formal JC Survey. The organization needed a leader to address the survey gaps and ensure successful completion of the forthcoming survey.  Other department leaders also recognized the need for a HR leader that could ensure all employee-related policies and procedures were being documented, communicated, and the managers and staff sufficiently educated to ensure consistent practices and accountability moving forward. Recognizing the cost of a failed re-accreditation, the organization needed a dedicated leader that could focus, prioritize, and take immediate action.

Our Solution

The client turned to Experienced Resources for a seasoned leader with the expertise to effectively prepare the entire organization for a successful JC Survey. Experienced Resources matched their need to an individual with 20+ years of Quality and Regulatory leadership.  Given her grounded understanding of the JC Survey process and requirements, this interim project leader made an immediate impact. “Her entry seemed seamless, and she was just the right fit for our culture and our people,” commented the VP of Human Resources.  Within one month, this leader was able to accomplish what the organization had not been able to complete in the previous six months.

“We had a lot of anxiety, and our situation was keeping me up at night, but I felt better just knowing that we had a specific plan in place. This [project] leader not only helped us get through the survey successfully, she helped us establish sustainability. We are in a better place now.”

- VP Human Resources


First and foremost, the organization successfully achieved JC re-accreditation with no findings or recommendations for the HR Department. Using a well-defined process improvement approach, the interim project leader quickly identified high risk areas, established specific action plans, set target dates, and coordinated leadership accountabilities accordingly.  Collaborating with the other department leaders, she facilitated understanding and ownership of the JC Standards, enabling them to provide the necessary leadership to their respective teams.  Knowing accountability would be critical to sustaining the work, the ER Leader worked with the HR Manager to establish a plan to ensure continued monitoring and compliance.  As a result of the project leader’s efforts, the HR staff developed a more comprehensive understanding of JC Survey requirements and were able to create a foundation for future readiness.