Experienced Resources provides health care organizations immediate leadership support to accomplish mission critical work. We achieve this by carefully matching the client’s needs to our team of experienced leaders and supporting the engagement from start to finish.

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Medical Group Division of
Large Health Care System
Interim Clinic Nurse Leader

Client Challenge

A new leadership team and a series of program changes led to declining employee morale and strained working relationships at this clinic. Furthermore, the staff cited poor communication, lack of leader responsiveness, poor coordination, lack of support, and scarcity of needed resources as sources of dissatisfaction.  To complicate matters, clinic workflows and processes were deemed inefficient and roles were considered unclear.  Quality metrics and employee engagement scores were disappointing, with only three of ten Clinical Quality targets achieved during the previous twelve months. Although committed to their work, the newer nursing leaders unfortunately lacked the expertise to lead the amount of change required.  The Regional Director looked to Experienced Resources for an interim nurse leader that could quickly engage the staff, establish priorities, stabilize the environment, and set the stage for achieving their care improvement goals.

Our Solution

Experienced Resources matched the Client and their situation to a seasoned leader with 20+ years of experience in healthcare leadership, and demonstrated strengths in management of acute and ambulatory services, team building, process improvement, leadership development, and improving patient experience.  This leader “hit the ground running”, bringing the energy and expertise necessary to establish critical relationships with the clinic staff and providers.

She [the interim leader] did a great job and was just what we needed to get us through our transition.  Everyone felt they were better leaders as a result of her being here.        
My only regret is that I wished that I had engaged her sooner.”

- Regional Director


With a keen focus on aligning the clinic strategy and practice improvements with that of the broader health system, the ER leader demonstrated flexibility, expertise, and confidence in prioritizing the work and addressing new issues as they surfaced.  She brought a calming leadership style to a tenuous work environment, influenced noticeable improvement in the clinic culture, and precipitated a measurable impact on staff and physician engagement.  As a mentor to the newer leaders, she modeled an effective problem-solving approach in resolving long-standing day-to-day issues.  During the course of the engagement, clinic processes and roles were clarified, quality and engagement scores improved, and clinic leadership turnover dropped to “0”.  With clinic performance back on track, the leadership was able to begin recruiting a permanent nurse leader.   The ER leader was invited to participate in the selection and interview process, and supported the new nursing leader and the entire organization in a successful and meaningful transition.