Experienced Resources provides health care organizations immediate leadership support to accomplish mission critical work. We achieve this by carefully matching the client’s needs to our team of experienced leaders and supporting the engagement from start to finish.

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Regional Medical Center
Interim Clinic COO

Client Challenge

In response to health care reform and financial pressures, an independent multi-specialty clinic and a Regional Medical Center concluded that they could achieve more comprehensive and affordable quality care by integrating their two entities. Their collective goal was to develop a highly-functioning care system, characterized by collaboration, efficiency, quality, and an exceptional patient experience across the continuum.  Historically, the two organizations had worked very well together.  However, the move to formally integrate produced three years of strained working relationships, trust issues, and a myriad of issues beyond what either organization had ever anticipated. Within weeks of the new combined organization going live, the Clinic COO role stood vacant, which left a critical leadership gap during the final stage of the integration. The organization approached Experienced Resources for a seasoned interim leader that could immediately join their leadership team, provide strong day-to-day support, and help manage the intricacies and cultural issues of executing the integration.

Our Solution

A successful integration of this magnitude would require a leader that could guide cultural transformation and promote collaboration that aligned to the organization’s strategic priorities. The organization’s leaders recognized that physician buy-in and engagement would be one of the most significant hurdles they would face during the integration.  This would require an extraordinary leader that could effectively engage physicians and help develop a strong, cohesive culture. Experienced Resources matched the Client’s need to an experienced leader with the critical thinking, change management, and team building skills required for success.  With more than 20 years of experience leading independent physician practices and integrated hospital systems this leader brought the high level of expertise and professionalism required to successfully lead the two organizations to their shared goals for integration.

This was a difficult situation for anyone to step into.  She [the interim leader] hit the ground running, established credibility and trust with the team, and led with the courage and confidence to keep us moving forward.”

- Executive Sponsor


The Experienced Resources leader recognized the importance of balancing day-to-day performance with inspired engagement of team members, while sustaining performance and service excellence. She managed to retain every physician on staff while creating a higher level of accountability and engagement.  Her expertise and skilled communication fostered trust and helped eliminate the functional “silos” that had historically existed within the organization.  Because the interim leader was comfortable with ambiguity, she often modeled flexibility and adaptability throughout the transition, thereby developing the team’s capability in the process.  According to the executive sponsor, “Nothing could have been done better, or different. She partnered with us to create an environment of respect, trust, teamwork and support, building a culture that is team-oriented and patient-focused.”  In the end, the integration was successful, all deliverables were met, and the incoming permanent leader was well-positioned for success.