Experienced Resources provides health care organizations immediate leadership support to accomplish mission critical work. We achieve this by carefully matching the client’s needs to our team of experienced leaders and supporting the engagement from start to finish.

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Interim EMR Implementation Leader

Client Challenge

A community based healthcare organization made the decision to purchase a new EMR system that would more easily integrate with its health care partners. As part of this system, the Clinic services entity consists of five clinics that provide Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, and OB-GYN services in five different communities, led by one Director over the multi-site clinics. With only two months to accomplish this challenging transition, the Clinic Director resigned. The organization had an immediate need for a seasoned leader that could step in to lead and energize the team to accomplish the implementation within the designated timeframe. The CEO acknowledged that an interim project leader would need to effectively communicate the vision to employees and providers, energize the team, and manage the change process, all while maintaining operational excellence. A seamless implementation and the retention of key employees would be keys to achieving patient safety, quality, and financial targets throughout the initiative. He turned to Experienced Resources for help in finding such a leader.

This leader was so impactful, and has had a lasting effect on our Clinics. Because of her previous experience and expertise, I could let go of my worry, with confidence that the team was being led. I was able to take the time needed to make the right permanent hire. She brought the Clinics to the place where we were ready for a new leader. Our culture was changed. I would rate this experience a 10!

Our Solution

The Experienced Resources team drew on its extensive network of experienced leaders to identify an individual that had over 20 years of demonstrated experience in strategic planning and program development, extensive business management, and a true depth of knowledge in clinic operations. Recognizing the urgent need, this leader was in place as the Interim Clinic Leader within one week. While establishing strategic relationships and learning the processes and systems of the organization, she confidently engaged in guiding the teams to prioritize, make strategic decisions, and drive actions that supported the on-time implementation. In weekly meetings with the executive team, she validated that the Clinic strategy was aligned with that of the organization, demonstrating the flexibility, expertise, and confidence to reprioritize work as new issues surfaced


Implementation of the EMR was fully completed on target.  "Our expectations were exceeded!  Experienced Resources provided the expertise we needed to seamlessly accomplish the implementation and achieve all targets on time." Successful implementation resulted in:

In addition, the immediate presence of an experienced leader helped the Clinics avoid potential expenses related to lost productivity, lost revenue, decreased team morale, and poor patient care costs often associated with a difficult change initiative.  "[The Experienced Resources Leader] was just what we needed. She helped the team visualize our future, exceeded everyone's expectations, and positioned the incoming permanent leader for success," reported the Client Sponsor.