Experienced Resources provides health care organizations immediate leadership support to accomplish mission critical work. We achieve this by carefully matching the client’s needs to our team of experienced leaders and supporting the engagement from start to finish.

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Large Metro Health Care System
Interim Director of Oncology Services

Client Challenge

With the departure of their Oncology Services director, this large metro health care system was faced with a need to stabilize the work environment and establish a new culture of accountability. A goal-oriented approach to leadership was also needed in order to achieve greater efficiencies and improve service levels under the pressure of an expanding program offering.

Core Values Required

Honesty; Loyalty; Organization; Accountability; Fun

Core values for the project included a broad base of communication skills, the ability to set a tone of respect, team building expertise, excellent organizational skills, and a proven ability to effectively implement new plans and processes. Promote a professional yet enjoyable work atmosphere to counter the burden of working in a high stress environment.

Our Solution

Experienced Resources matched the client to a seasoned health care CEO with deep experience in oncology management. He quickly assessed the situation, gained the team’s respect, established S.M.A.R.T. goals, and stabilized the department.
Assignment length: 7 months


Oncology Services was revitalized and became viewed as an efficient, well-operating program. The interim leader had established a fresh organizational structure and along with it came greater accountability. The results included an improvement in physician satisfaction, disciplined work plans, and a plan underway to expand oncology services.