Experienced Resources provides health care organizations immediate leadership support to accomplish mission critical work. We achieve this by carefully matching the client’s needs to our team of experienced leaders and supporting the engagement from start to finish.

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Large Multi-site Clinic
Clinic Redesign Project Leader

Client Challenge

This large, multi-site Clinic had been providing comprehensive services to the local community for over 40 years. The Clinic Board determined that a new structure and care model was needed to meet their new strategy and changing fiscal requirements.  After re-organizing their Clinic leadership structure to better align business functions with operations, the new leadership team faced the challenge of redesigning the patient experience and defining a new care model.  Given the scope and complexity of this objective, the Clinic contacted Experienced Resources to provide a seasoned project leader that could help develop the processes required to achieve a successful transformation.

Our Solution

Experienced Resources matched the Client to a health care leader with 20+ years of extensive experience in hospital and health system change management and performance improvement. Using best practices, collaboration, and innovation, this leader had demonstrated expertise in achieving system-wide objectives and financial revitalization.  In this engagement, she would be expected to establish a new patient care delivery model while integrating clinical guidelines, clarifying provider and staff roles, ensuring compliance, meeting new payer requirements, and achieving Quality metrics.  

“I really enjoyed the patient experience work—helping this organization design an accountable care organization and implementing a new patient flow, care model, clinical guidelines, compliance, and Quality systems.  This is my sweet spot.”

- ER Project Leader


The ER Project Leader quickly mobilized a Steering Team to establish a set of guiding principles, business requirements, and charter for the new model.  This initial step was critical to aligning the key stakeholders to the work that lay ahead.  After mapping patient flow from first contact to post-discharge follow-up, the Steering Team established nine discrete interdisciplinary teams; each focused on a different step within the Patient flow process.  The project leader then proceeded to guide a rigorous process of problem identification, data capture, and “ideal state” design.   Throughout the project, she communicated frequently, kept the teams focused on key deliverables, while managing points of intersection and avoiding duplication.  A series of pilot projects ensued and the results monitored to gauge effectiveness relative to the overall project goals.

Partnering with physician leaders, the clinical protocols were standardized and tools developed to support consistent practice.  Roles and responsibilities were clarified and aligned to support the requirements of the new care model.  

Steps to improve patient access were implemented, and practices were put in place to ensure a decrease in patient wait times by 50%.  Within a few months of implementation, revenue capture improved, patient experience scores markedly increased, and patients willingly expressed their confidence in recommending this practice to others.  In addition, collaborative problem-solving became a norm among providers and front-line staff.   Today, the staff clearly “own” their work with a renewed sense of purpose and energy, while continuing to improve the coordination of care for those they serve.