Experienced Resources provides health care organizations immediate leadership support to accomplish mission critical work. We achieve this by carefully matching the client’s needs to our team of experienced leaders and supporting the engagement from start to finish.

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Greater Minnesota Health Care System
Interim Chief Executive Officer

Client Challenge

Internal organizational tension and several recent leadership changes culminated in the resignation of the CEO. This created an immediate need for an interim leader to help shape strategy, focus efforts, improve operational performance, and lead execution.

Core Values Required

Leadership; Focus; Communication; Quality; Impartiality

This assignment required a decisive leader capable of delivering tough messages and managing any resulting fallout; a capacity to establish direction, set clear expectations, and communicate both vision and action to multiple audiences.

Our Solution

Experienced Resources matched the client’s requirements to a decisive leader with 20+ years’ experience in establishing, communicating, and effectively implementing strategy. This individual was well-versed in how best to focus an organization on a key set of priorities while creating accountability across a physician group, clinic organization, board, leaders, and staff.
Assignment length: 7.5 months


A strategic direction and key priorities were clarified for the organization. This clarity and focus helped stimulate a positive cultural change across the providers, leaders, and staff. Physician concerns were examined and changes implemented under a new contract. The organizational structure was streamlined resulting in greater staff engagement and stronger performance including improved quality indicators.