Experienced Resources provides health care organizations immediate leadership support to accomplish mission critical work. We achieve this by carefully matching the client’s needs to our team of experienced leaders and supporting the engagement from start to finish.

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What is the FlexGeneration®?
An Exciting New Era for Employers and Employees

A growing number of professionals are discovering that temporary/flexible work suits them quite well.  These individuals are not just baby boomers nearing retirement but also include leaders in transition and mid-career executives searching for a different and meaningful career path.  The May 2012 issue of the Harvard Business Review dedicated an entire article to this new workforce phenomenon in “The Rise of the Supertemp”.   Daniel H. Pink in his book, Free Agent Nation: The Future of Working for Yourself, also describes what is happening in today’s labor market as a major shift in the definition of employment.

Experts believe that one of the driving forces behind this new form of employment is the pressure that many organizations are feeling to reduce costs while simultaneously managing rapid change.   With the onset of health care reform, health care organizations are all too familiar with the juggling act of managing costs and navigating rapid change.   In the face of these challenges, health care organizations are quickly recognizing the value of a flexible staffing model.

At Experienced Resources, we coined the term FlexGeneration®to describe the flexibility that professional workers and hiring organizations are now seeking. To make this new employment paradigm work effectively, we developed the FlexGeneration® model.   This model is a comprehensive process for effectively managing flexible work arrangements between seasoned professionals and health care organizations.   It starts with us helping our clients thoroughly assess their situation, then co-creating a scope of work, matching a highly-qualified leader, supporting the engagement from start to finish, and concluding by validating the deliverables.

Both Experienced Resources talent and the health care organizations we serve are singing the praises of this work model.  “The FlexGeneration® model encompasses our complete process,” explained Experienced Resources CEO and Co-Founder, Mary Christensen.   “It is the essence of the value we provide our clients and talent. We match seasoned health care leaders with organizations in need of addressing important work on a temporary basis.  This is what it means when we say we identify the work to be accomplished, then set the goals, match the talent and the employer, and manage the work from beginning to end.”

With health care organizations and experienced professionals both seeking flexibility,  the FlexGeneration® model connects the people who choose to be employed this way with the employers who need them most. Experienced Resources is excited to be helping health care providers and payors throughout Minnesota and Western Wisconsin make this new employment paradigm a viable option.